Welcome to Hosin Technology Co., Ltd., I am very happy to serve you. Congratulations~~ Hosin Technology passed in 2019 ISO 9001:2015 certification ~~★☆★☆!!歡迎來到和芯科技有限公司,很高興能為您服務。 賀~~和芯科技於2019年通過 ISO 9001:2015 認證囉~~★☆★☆!!
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服務內容: Compact cPCI/PXI 鋁合金面板,各式控制箱,散熱模組 Heat sink,19吋機櫃
Service content: Compact cPCI/PXI aluminum alloy panel, various control boxes, cooling modules Heat sink, 19-inch cabinet.

和芯科技成立於2003年,公司位於樹林工業區週邊,有完整的製造供應鏈,公司初期主要產品為提供各種工業用標準及客制化控制箱、儀器用鋁合金面板製造設計及加工處理,同時特別針對各種尺寸 CompactPCI/PXI 鋁合金面板及鋁擠型散熱模組(Heat sink)製造提供完整專業的製程及加工。目前所配合客戶為國內外各大專業電腦公司。服務範圍為CNC鑽銑及各種金屬表面處理,如:髮線研磨、電鍍、烤漆、印刷、陽極處理、硬化及熱處理皆有優良專業協力廠商配合。另響應綠色環保潮流,產品皆經嚴密的檢測以符合RoHS規範。
Hosin Technology was established in 2003. The company is located in the vicinity of Shulin Industrial Zone and has a complete manufacturing supply chain. The company's main products in the early days are to provide various industrial standards and custom control boxes, aluminum alloy panel manufacturing design and processing. At the same time, it provides complete professional process and processing for the manufacture of various sizes of CompactPCI/PXI aluminum alloy panels and aluminum extruded heat sinks. At present, the customers are the major professional computer companies at home and abroad. The service scope is CNC drilling and milling and various metal surface treatments, such as brushing, electroplating, baking varnish, printing, anodizing, hardening and heat treatment. In response to the green trend, the products are rigorously tested to comply with RoHS regulations.