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The basic concept of aluminum extruded heat sink design:

The aluminum extrusion die can be opened up to a maximum size of 300mm, and the height can be adjusted according to the width.
The minimum die size of the aluminum extrusion die is 8mm, and the height can be adjusted according to the width.
The fin width is the smallest size of 0.8mm.
The minimum processing size of the groove cutting process is 0.8mm, and the maximum processing size is 10mm.
Generally, the flatness of the bottom of the aluminum extruded heat sink can be 0.25mm. If there are other flatness requirements, special processing such as CNC milling and other methods can be selected.
Fixed design: plastic spring clips, iron clips, spring screws, adhesive backing, PIN, spring hooks, self-tapping screws, mechanical screw and other methods.
Surface treatment: sandblasting, grinding, brushing, chromate, anodizing and other methods.
Anode color: black, fog, matting, etc., other colors can be adjusted according to customer needs.
The mold opening time is about 5~7 weeks.
The company has excellent professional cooperation manufacturers, and has full experience and mature technology, complete design, manufacturing supply chain, in response to the various needs of the modern market, product proofing fast shape, color diversification, quantity limit Low, professional and honest manufacturers who are constantly pursuing the various needs of customers.